Our Gallery is a collection of our hard work, highlighting the sculptures that we have completed. This Gallery includes our personal collection, sculptures that have been sold and sculptures that are for sale. Enjoy….
About this piece..... This is called the Rocking “C” because of the shape. This piece of wood was given to me by my Instructor to finish. It has a double base, the bottom is resin. It was refinished in 2014!!!!
Spring Forward by Jan Petzel Size: 18”x16” Completed in 2015 Wood was “found” in ladies back yard and was given to me. I instantly saw the rabbit and wanted to finish it that day. Of course it took a lot longer. Do you see the rabbit?
Upriver by Jan Petzel Size: 24in. 2015 This was found by my husband and brother after a day of fishing in the Puget Sound. They were heading up the river to dock the boat and saw this floating by and went back to net it. It’s a Keeper!!!!
Trilogy by Jan Petzel Size: 28”x10” 3/2015 This was found in 2008 in Utah from the trip to Christopher White’s class. It started out as one piece of wood and we broke it apart to make three separate pieces and then design it to become one again...Thus the Name!!!! This is based on slate.
Twist and Shout (Wall hanging) Jan Petzel Size: 26”x12” 2015 This wood was found years ago in our pasture and had been stored in the barn. The only reason that I started working on it was because I needed a demonstration piece for an event. Once I got started it was hard to stop!!!!
Serenade by Jan Petzel Size: 12”x12” 2010 This piece was found whiling hiking by a friend of mine. She didn’t think the wood was unique enough for me to work on but she showed me anyway. I immediately saw the potential in this piece. This wood was so light that I knew a dark base would compliment it. I finished it knowing that I would gift it back to her.
Flora Exotica  by Jan Petzel Size: 11”x8” 2008 I was digging a hole to plant a fern and these three roots appeared. I threw it out on the driveway to look at later. My son-in-law said that these pieces were not thick enough to use, so I now was even more determined to finish them. The base was mirrored to compliment the piece.
Twin Tails by Jan Petzel Size: 10”x11” 2012 This was given to me by a friend. The color variation was so fun to work with. I added the back foot from a piece that was cut off of it to make this art form. What a fun challenge!!!
Beauty and the Beast by Chadd Hass Size: 18”x15” This beautiful piece of bog wood is two toned with an unique red marbling with a shining luster.
Our Gallery
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